Monthly Archives: July 2015

Twin Cake Smash

A set of twin One year olds & 2 birthday cakes equals to one fun filled morning.   These two were just precious.  We were able toView full post »

Family Reunion

I love when families get together and want to capture memories.    When grandma came in town, the kids decided they wanted to captureView full post »

Sweet Caroline….

Is that song in your head now?  It sure enters mine every time I see this little girl.   C was a bit apprehensive at first, so big brotherView full post »

Newborn & Mom’s Wedding Dress

This little girl was the perfect addition to a family of 2 boys.   She was sweet, petite and beautiful. These two big brothers sure didView full post »

Ballerina Girl

Little E is so stinkin’ cute…  Her mom always does a fab job getting her dressed to the tees.  E will come to our shoots withView full post »

Family Reunion

A special guy was having a big birthday so they all decided to get together to celebrate.  I was invited to get take a picture of thisView full post »

Little Girls

There is nothing sweeter that a little girl with a bow or crown on her head.     These images will bring a smile to everyones face.   IView full post »

Sweet Little boys

Little Boys are just so sweet…  I may be partial since it has been 16 years since my little boy was this little.   Little A was soView full post »

Even photographers have a hard time ….

This is my own 16 year old…  He challenged me on this shoot.  He did not want to get his pictures taken, which can be pretty typicalView full post »

Sweet Baby M

Ten little toes & fingers…  Just perfect.    This sweet baby was just peaceful.    You could feel the love the parents had forView full post »

Almost there….

The excitement of a new baby exudes from both the expecting parents.   They are joyous, giddy, nervous and ready to meet their new bundleView full post »

I love Senior Girls

I love when a Senior Girl gets excited about her session.   We will start talking about what she likes and what she envisions.  I have themView full post »