Cake Smash in Tomball TX

A cake smash is the perfect way to celebrate a one year old birthday!!   It’s such a special birthday celebrating all the milestones from the first year.

At these sessions we start out taking photos that mom and dad want to make sure we capture before we start the cake smash .   Mom had a list of photos that she knew wanted to capture.  We started out with family photos, pictures of J with balloons, J playing and mom had a special shirt made for this special birthday.

Cake Smash

After we made sure we had all those special pictures…  THE CAKE CAME OUT…

I have noticed that sometimes kids are a little shy about sticking their fingers in their own cake.  J started out just looking at the cake, he wasn’t sure what to do with it.   Mom had to help him taste the frosting so he would know how much yummy sweetness was sitting in from of him.   Once we got him to finally explore his cake, it was all fun from there on out.   Not only did he eat the cake, but he played with the frosting, tried to re-frost the cake, and got it all over him from head to toe.

Cake Smash in Tomball, TX

I absolutely adore celebrating the special #1 with a cake smash.   Its a fun, sticky and special shoot!!

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