So what’s the Biscuit Wall?

So whats the biscuit wall?  Sounds like a place to go eat some good biscuits…. Actually its a famous wall here in Houston with so much color!!

Biscuit Wall


When you first drive up to biscuit wall, please sit back and admire it!!  It has so much color, so much personality, so much life!!

I took a special group of girls to go explore the wall.  I don’t know who was more excited to be here,  the photographer who saw so much color or the girls that couldn’t pick what set of colors they wanted to stand in front of.   Its like standing in front of a rainbow that you can actually touch.

We took turns taking pictures in front of all the colors and waited in line because the Biscuit Wall is very famous here in Houston.

Biscuit Wall


I also knew this would be a perfect place to incorporate one of my favorite images, The Glitter Shot.    The girls picked out different colors to match the rainbow and made lots of wishes.

If you are ever in the Montrose Area, I highly suggest you stop by and experience it for yourself.  I would love to capture a photo shoot for you here!!

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