Senior Girls seem to be excited and looking forward to their photoshoot….  Guys not so much.  I see them when they get out of their car with that grimace on their face…  (the grimace I can tell from seeing the same look on my son’s face when he has to take photos)    We start shooting, they get these fake smiles and look all serious.   Then something magical happens, they start laughing, telling me their story, their likes and what the future holds for them.  By the end, the smiles are genuine and they actually enjoy themselves.   And once again, they tell me …. “that was actually fun”   It just takes a bit of warming up and they get photos their parents gush over…  This is exactly what happened in these two shoots.  2015-06-23_00172015-06-23_0014

There is something to be said about your senior year.   There is so much excitement in the air, you are about to embark on the next stage of your life.  This beautiful girl brought the best accessory possible…  her cute puppy.   He was the perfect accessory for her shoot.   Everything about L’s shoot was perfect.   Her outfits, her poise and of course her puppy.   I always tell my Senior girls you might be a bit nervous about your photoshoot but I can promise in the end you will have a fun and wonderful time!!   Your job is easy, show up and get ready for some fun.  My job is to make you shine and for all to see how beautiful you are, both inside and out.

Senior Girls

Senior Girls






Bluebonnets and babies

Nothing says Texas in the Spring like bluebonnets.   Bluebonnets & babies are a perfect mix!!  Everyone looks for the perfect spot to capture family memories all over Texas in April and May.

Sweet little F’s mom and I found the perfect spot to make this happen.   Of course we were aware of our surroundings and made sure she would be safe!!  You have to be careful with bluebonnets..  squirmy slimy little pests like to lurk in them.

We got some amazing pictures of her smiling and then she fell asleep …  We captured this perfect image of her fast asleep, taking her siesta, in the middle of the field.


Twins have their own special language…  You can see it see it in the way they look at each other, the way they interact with each other, their own special language.   I like to sit back and watch them go into their world.   Their mom did a spectaculor job making sure their outfits were perfect.  I love the oranges and especially loved the hat.   I enjoyed getting to spend time with this special family

2015-06-23_0006Tweens..  the age where little girls become young women.  They are so innocent, fun, growing up, learning about themselves…  These young women seem unsure of themselves yet are so confident at the same time.  This beauty was a bit timid at first, but at the end of her session she rocked it like a Vogue CoverGirl.